Our Mission

At 2 Mustard Seeds, we believe all children in Kenya should have the opportunity to attend high school.  Education not only changes lives, but it impacts the future of families and communities.

The Problem

my kenya 140In Kenya, the government provides public education to students through the 8th grade. Due to extreme poverty in rural areas, many families do not have the available resources to send their children to high school.  Once they become teenagers, these kids are faced with very few options.  Most teens will either stay at home or begin looking for work to help support their families.  This is a vulnerable time for them, because without the opportunity to further their education, students can become victim to homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, and prostitution.

A SolutionK4

When a child is given the opportunity to attend high school, they are given a future and hope. Many of the students that graduate from high school will go on to college or other career training. Education allows each child the chance to change their lives and their communities.

What is 2 Mustard Seeds?

2 Mustard Seeds is a program of Expansion International, a Christian nonprofit organization located in Boise, Idaho,  dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to address poverty and injustice in Kenya, Africa.  Education is a critical part of bringing transforming change and development to the communities of rural Kenya.  The 2 Mustard Seeds program provides a matching sponsorship for every high school sponsorship given by local churches in the Kenyan communities where Expansion International works.  This assistance provides for tuition, fees, books, uniforms, and even room & board where applicable.  Working together with these churches, The 2 Mustard Seeds Scholarship Program will enable twice as many children to continue their education through high school, giving them greater opportunities for a brighter future.  Together with our individual sponsorship program, 148 students are currently able to attend high school because of the sponsorships they receive!


The 2 Mustard Seeds Women’s Resale Event

The 2 Mustard Seeds Women’s Resale Event started as a challenge to women to give from their many treasures–buried away in closets–and make a difference in the lives of Kenyan children. Our fabulous sale is an annual event for donors and shoppers alike!

Proceeds from the sale of new and gently used women’s clothing, accessories and home decor, support the 2 Mustard Seeds Scholarship Program.

Our 7th Annual Sale will take place September 12-14, 2019 at Eagle Nazarene Church in Eagle, Idaho.

 What is The 2 Mustard Seeds house?

Our vision for 2 Mustard Seeds was to create sustainable income that would support the 2 Mustard Seeds matching scholarship program.  With the help of a generous donor and the proceeds from the 2013 Women’s Resale Event, a local home was purchased and renovated. The home is now a rental property, and the monthly income creates support for matching scholarships.

A duplex was purchased in 2014, and revenue from the units also follow the same financial structure. The 2 Mustard Seeds homes now provide 52 students with assistance that does not rely on fundraising from year to year. Our goal is to acquire a third property that will provide more hope and education for the young people of Kenya.